Extract data from Any API and send it to Your Database. Powerful API-DB synchronization system.

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We are still in BETA but if there are any problems, let us know and we will fix it rapidly.

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Free Features

  • Send up to 1 MB of data from any API to your database (MySQL / SQL Server) or CSV file
  • All on this website - No software installation necessary
  • Customize the columns names of your database table before it is created
  • A script will be run on your database to create the corresponding table and the records will be inserted
  • No software to install

PRO Features ($10 / month)

  • Send up to 50 MB daily to your own database
  • Send data to a Google Spreadsheet (and synchronize automatically)
  • Send API data to MySQL, The Cloud (box.com)
  • If you wish to send your data to a different destination (e.g. another database format), just ask us
  • Schedule an API to DB transfer every hour / day / week or just once only
  • Monitor an API and receive an email alert when a specified value changes
  • Merge API data rows with your own spreadsheet or other API data
  • Choose which columns you want to save to your database from the API data
  • Filter the data for certain keywords
  • Order the data by the columns you choose
  • API paging support - powerful tool for making multiple API calls in order to retrieve every page
  • Something else? Just ask

Custom Features (talk to us)

  • Create templates to easily generate data mashups
  • Generate various charts based on any data you wish
  • Produce custom HTML dashboards with data diced any way you wish
  • Integrate SQL queries to aggregate / combine API data
  • Extract customized data into a MySQL SQL dump
  • Something else? Just ask. We love a good challenge!